All businesses must have a webshop

There is no business

That have not been affected by pandemic. Most have been struggling and some flourishing. The difference has been how prepared the business has been for digital era before the pandemic hit.

What differentiated the pandemic boomers?

The answer is simple: those businesses who where strong online before the pandemic changed the world for good.

Of course it matters also in which business the company is in. Traveling industry, culture, restaurants have suffered most as it can not be done online.

Second biggest suffers where the brick & mortar stores. Those that slept in the digital era's begging and trusted that the winning horse is the safest bet also in the future even the world changes around.

If the business where build on online sales and the brick & mortar store was only a side kick, the business most likely flourished during pandemic. The customers already did business with the company online and closing the brick & mortar store only saved money for the company.

Brick & mortar stores which have poor webshops first need to enhance their web presence. And then turn their customer's behaviour to change the way they do business with. This is a long process. Too long for a business.

Online sales cannibalises the brick & mortar sales. If you don't do it yourself the market for sure does it for your business. It's better to be a part of this change and lead it rather than watching it happening to your business.

Would you start a business without webshop?

Could your business be done without physical store?


All businesses must have a webshop
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